Hi, I am Amara.

I am a 31-year-old woman living in the DC area who loves all things Divine Feminine-related. I am an educator, speaker and writer who is devoted to sharing how I am healing my body, mind and spirit; in the hopes of encouraging you to do the same.

I am a Millennial Moonchild because I adore the moon and was lucky enough to be born between 1981-1996. Don’t worry. I won’t be pushing avocado toast on you. But I will push you to consider the ways in which you have closed yourself off to the magic that’s all around you. To consider the ways in which the Universe speaks to you to remind you how loved you are, how supported you are, and how abundant you are.

I am extremely passionate about educational equity, women’s wellness (especially women of color), spirituality, natural living, self-care and self-love. You can find some of my educational posts HERE.

This website will be a space for me to share my thoughts as I uncover the Wild Woman within, all while living as a millennial in this Age of Aquarius.